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Kabel Skun BURNDY

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: 10 / 07 / 2024
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Detail Kabel Skun BURNDY

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Kabel Skun Burndy
Kabel Skun Merk Burndy YA312TC38 Burndy Lug, Compression Two Hole 350 kcmil RED - Long Part # : 109X364 Model # : YA312TC38.
Burndy Lug YA312TC38 are specifically engineered to meet the demanding applications of both the Central Office and Wireless communications markets.
Burndy Lug are made from electrolytic copper and are plated for corrosion resistance.
Burndy Lug design for reliable and controllable electrical connections, each compression lug is color coded to match connector dies for ease of installation.
Burndy Lug, This Two-Hole Long Barrel Lug is a 350 kcmil RED lug with 3/8" bolt size and 1" center spacing, for use with Burndy MD7-34R, Y500CTHS, Y750, Y46 or PAT750.
Kabel Skun Burndy dan kabel skun berbagai merk bisa ditemukan di Toko Kami.

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